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Semester 1 Exam Block

Exam blocks for end of semester 1 have been released to students. View the exam blocks here.
Important information:
  • Note the room and time of your exams. If you have a clash, speak with a Deputy Principal.
  • Exams will commence at 9am or 12:30pm respectively. You will be dismissed at the duration of the exam.
  • You must be in full school uniform (unless advised otherwise for the subject).
  • All students must attend scheduled exams. If you are unable to attend due to illness you need to provide a medical certificate. If you are unable to attend for any other reason (ie exceptional circumstances) your parent/caregivers must consult with a Deputy Principal.
  • Unless you have not submitted assessment (see note at the bottom of the exam block), you are not required on school grounds during exam block.
Note that the Responsible Behaviour Plan still applies when you are in school uniform and/or travelling to and from school.
Start studying early & best of luck.

Wed 22 June is a designated subject selection day. This day is mandatory for all year 10s. Applications for Ag and Trade Futures will also be handed out on this day.