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The Arts

The Arts at Dalby State High School consists of two areas; Visual Art and Performing Arts

Visual Art

 “The Arts are fundamental resources through which the world is viewed, meaning is created and the mind is developed,” Elliot W. Eisner, Professor of Education and Art, Stanford University, 1997.

 Visual Art is a powerful and pervasive means which students use to make images and objects, communicating aesthetic meaning and understanding from informed perspectives. In a world of increasing communication technologies, knowledge and understanding of how meanings are constructed and “read” is fundamental to becoming a critical consumer and/or producer of artworks.

Visual Art prepares young people for a future in the workforce by requiring them to seek creative solutions to complex design problems, think divergently and use higher order learning skills to articulate an informed and individualised aesthetic (style/expression).  (Queensland Studies Authority)

 Visual Art is sampled with all Year 7 students (2015) and is provided as an elective choice for Years 8-10. The Authority subject of Visual Art is offered in Year 11 and 12, as is the Subject Area Specification subject of Visual Art Studies. Students are able to study both of these subjects if desired.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts cover the subject areas of Drama and Music. In each Performing Arts area, students will develop skills in creating or composing, performing and analysing.

Drama and Music are offered in the junior and senior school.

The Aeschylus Project is part of the Apollo program and offers students in years 9 and 10 an ‘extension’ subject to challenge and extend their performance skills.

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