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Clontarf Foundation

​The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society.
Since opening its first Academy for 25 boys in 2000 the Foundation has grown to cater for about 3,700 boys in 68 schools across Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
The academy participates in weekly training sessions, study sessions, employment and partner visits, health and well-being sessions, health checks, overnight and multiple day camps and a range of community activities. Any Indigenous male who becomes involved with the program is offered in class support and are encouraged to talk to any of the Clontarf staff about anything if they feel the need. The Clontarf room is open to any academy members and their friends at all times which includes all breaks. 
Rugby League and sport in general attracts many of our academy members to the program. We utilise their existing passion for sport to bring them to school and stay there. The programmes are delivered through a network of football academies established in partnership with local schools.
Any Aboriginal male enrolled at the school is eligible to participate in the Clontarf Academy.