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Student services and support programs

Students support is an integral part of our school community and we have a strong focus on supporting our students, parents and staff.   Our Heads of Student Support work with two vital teams within our school.

Student Support Team

  • Heads of Student Support Junior and Senior coordinate support services within our school and work with students, families and staff to provide a whole-school approach to student support.
  • Our Guidance Officer can provide counselling and advice to students, parents/guardians and concerning educational, behavioural, career development, mental health and family issues.
  • Our school Chaplain is available each day for students to access. Please see the Chaplaincy program page on our website for full details of their services. 
  • School Based Health Nurse is available for confidential consultations about personal or social issues and is at the school two to three days a week.  They also assist with our Pastoral Care program and do presentations on staying healthy and safe for all year levels.
  • Community Educational Counsellor who supports our Indigenous student and families and works with local community groups and assists with curriculum, social and emotional issues of our students.
  • The Learning Support Teacher coordinates learning support and assistance for students experiencing learning difficulties.

 Behaviour Team

  • Heads of Student Support Junior and Senior work with staff, students and families to coordinate school wide behaviour that is focused on proactive and supportive measures.
  • Year Coordinators coordinate whole cohort events and activities including Pastoral Care lessons.  They assist students with social, emotional or behavioural issues of all the students in their year level.
  • Behaviour Support Teachers supports students displaying behavioural issues and works closely with the Year Coordinators and the Student Support Team.

Support Programs

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer targeted small group support programs for different year levels throughout the year. These programs are both internally developed or are facilitated by staff from our support and behaviour teams or run by external support agencies.  Our aim through these programs is to give focused support for selected students. Our Investing for Success Plan provides additional funding for support programs - view the I4S plan here.

Accessing Support

Students can make appointments with any of the Support Team via the Support Team referral box that is located in the foyer of the Student Services building or directly to the support staff member.  The Year Coordinators are a great first point of contact for any students experiencing any issues that they may want assistance with.   Student can also access the Head of Student Support or Behaviour Support Teacher by seeing them in their rooms at the Admin building.  

Parents can make appointments for any members of the Student Support Team or the Behaviour Team through the office on 4669 0900.