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Folder: Archimedes Project lesson plansArchimedes Project lesson plansArchimedes Project lesson plans
Folder: Bullseye postersBullseye postersBullseye posters
Folder: Subject flyersSubject flyersSubject flyers
Sem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 10 - MASTER.pdfSem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 10 - MASTER45 KB
Sem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 11 - MASTER.pdfSem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 11 - MASTER234 KB
Sem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 12 - MASTER.pdfSem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 12 - MASTER101 KB
Sem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 7 - MASTER.pdfSem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 7 - MASTER42 KB
Sem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 8 - MASTER.pdfSem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 8 - MASTER225 KB
Sem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 9 - MASTER.pdfSem 2 Assessment Calendar 2017 Yr 9 - MASTER96 KB
Year 10 Sem 2 2017 Exam Block.pdfYear 10 Sem 2 2017 Exam Block42 KB
Year 11 Sem 2 2017 Exam Block.pdfYear 11 Sem 2 2017 Exam Block46 KB
2017 Dalby SHS BYOL Community Info Session [Compatibility Mode].pdf2017 Dalby SHS BYOL Community Info Session 12017 Dalby SHS BYOL Community Info Session [Compatibility Mode]99 KB
2017 I4S Snapshot Report.pdf2017 I4S Snapshot Report2017 I4S Snapshot Report237 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2017 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report170 KB
2017-school-calendar.pdf2017 Qld School Calendar2017-school-calendar344 KB
Yr 10 2017 Subject Handbook.docx2017 Yr 10 Subject Selection Handbook (V1)Yr 10 2017 Subject Handbook105 KB
Snr Secondary Subject Selection yr 10, 2017.pptx2017 Yr 10 Subject Selection PowerpointSnr Secondary Subject Selection yr 10, 2017750 KB
2033_DalbyStateHighSchool_NextStep2017.pdf2017NextStepReportDSHS2033_DalbyStateHighSchool_NextStep2017501 KB
2033_DalbyStateHighSchool_NextStep2017_Summary.pdf2017NextStepSummaryDSHS2033_DalbyStateHighSchool_NextStep2017_Summary170 KB
2018 DSHS student-charter-agreement.pdf2018 DSHS student-charter-agreement2018 DSHS student-charter-agreement496 KB
2018-school-calendar.pdf2018 School Calendar2018-school-calendar123 KB
2018_senior_handbook_year 11.pdf2018 Senior Handbook Year 112018_senior_handbook_year 11209 KB
272-scope-20160712.pdf272-scope-20160712272-scope-2016071252 KB
Apollo_Guide_2018.pdfApollo Guide 2018Apollo_Guide_2018394 KB
apollo-information.pptApollo Information PowerPoint Presentationapollo-information3355 KB
Application for Residential Enrolment.pdfApplication for Residential EnrolmentApplication for Residential Enrolment216 KB
Arrow Energy Ag Scholarships 2017 Form.pdfArrow Energy Ag Scholarships 2017 FormArrow Energy Ag Scholarships 2017 Form385 KB
arrow-energy-agricultural-scholarship-application-form.docxArrow Energy agricultural scholarship application formarrow-energy-agricultural-scholarship-application-form1425 KB
arrow-scholarship-qld-country-life-ads-agricultural.pdfArrow Scholorship Advertisementarrow-scholarship-qld-country-life-ads-agricultural802 KB
assessment-policy.pdfAssessment policyassessment-policy238 KB
Dalby SHS Complaints Policy (effective April 2016).pdfDalby SHS Complaints Policy (effective April 2016)Dalby SHS Complaints Policy (effective April 2016)37 KB
2017 DD school sport calendar.pdfDarling Downs School Sport Calendar 20172017 DD school sport calendar80 KB
2017 Dress Code.pdfDress Code 20172017 Dress Code964 KB
dshs-enrolment-eoi.pdfDSHS Enrolment EOIdshs-enrolment-eoi194 KB
DSHS Homework Policy.pdfDSHS Homework PolicyDSHS Homework Policy83 KB
dalby-state-high-school-electronic-device-policy.pdfElectronic device policydalby-state-high-school-electronic-device-policy77 KB
enrolment-form.pdfEnrolment Applicationenrolment-form15456 KB
enrolment-application.pdfEnrolment Application 2017enrolment-application1610 KB
150428 Dalby_SHS_2015_EMP.pdfEnrolment Management Plan150428 Dalby_SHS_2015_EMP22 KB
Equestrian Handbook.pdfEquestrian HandbookEquestrian Handbook1366 KB
external subject selection yr 11 2018.pdfexternal subject selection yr 11 2018external subject selection yr 11 2018169 KB
DalbySHS_2016_I4S.pdfI4S Plan 2016DalbySHS_2016_I4S364 KB
information-and-technology-branch-roadshow-poster.pdfInformation and technologies branch regional roadshow posterinformation-and-technology-branch-roadshow-poster498 KB
17 128069  Investing for Success - DDSW - Dalby State High School.pdfInvesting for Success - DDSW - Dalby State High School17 128069 Investing for Success - DDSW - Dalby State High School248 KB
Mary Poppins Musical Ad Dalby SHS.mp4Mary Poppins Musical Ad Dalby SHSMary Poppins Musical Ad Dalby SHS3408 KB
p-and-c-membership application.pdfP & C Membership Applicationp-and-c-membership application16 KB
parent-teacher-interview-booking-instructions.pdfParent teacher interview booking instructionsparent-teacher-interview-booking-instructions334 KB
Parent_Instructions_SETPlan_Bookings.pdfParent_Instructions_SETPlan_BookingsParent_Instructions_SETPlan_Bookings335 KB
prospectus-2018.pdfProspectus 2018prospectus-20181065 KB
RE school-website.pdfRE school-websiteRE school-website49 KB
resource-scheme-participation-agreement-form.pdfResource scheme participation agreement formresource-scheme-participation-agreement-form72 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan 2016.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan 2016Responsible Behaviour Plan 2016366 KB
School Review Dalby SHS - Executive Summary - 2016.pdfSchool Review Dalby SHS - Executive Summary - 2016School Review Dalby SHS - Executive Summary - 2016331 KB
senior-subject-overview-2015.pdfScience subject overviewsenior-subject-overview-2015350 KB
2018-senior-handbook-yr-11.pdfSenior Handbook 20182018-senior-handbook-yr-11209 KB
SETP instructions for parents2016.pdfSETP instructions for parents2016SETP instructions for parents2016335 KB
Show Cattle Handbook.pdfShow Cattle HandbookShow Cattle Handbook470 KB
state-school-consent-form.docState School consent formstate-school-consent-form864 KB
state-school-consent-form.pdfState School Consent Formstate-school-consent-form80 KB
stem- program.pdfSTEM Programstem- program362 KB
srs-information-booklet-2018.pdfStudent Resource Scheme Information booklet 2018srs-information-booklet-2018109 KB
support-services-brochure.pdfSupport services brochuresupport-services-brochure296 KB
tuckshop menu.pdfTuckshop Menu 2017tuckshop menu343 KB
uniform-list.pdfUniform listuniform-list184 KB
VET_Student_Handbook_Version_8.pdfVET_Student_Handbook_Version_8aVET_Student_Handbook_Version_8168 KB
VET_teacher_handbook_Version_8.pdfVET_teacher_handbook_Version_8aVET_teacher_handbook_Version_8137 KB
yr-10-2018-booklist.pdfYear 10 2018 Booklistyr-10-2018-booklist25 KB
yr-10-2018-subject-handbook.pdfYear 10 2018 Subject Handbookyr-10-2018-subject-handbook229 KB
year10-agricultural-science.pdfYear 10 Ag Science overviewyear10-agricultural-science256 KB
yr-10-2018-subject-selection-form.pdfYear 10 subject selection form 2018yr-10-2018-subject-selection-form142 KB
yr-11-2018-booklist.pdfYear 11 2018 Booklistyr-11-2018-booklist27 KB
yr-11-subject-selection-form-2018.pdfYear 11 Subject Selection form 2018yr-11-subject-selection-form-2018178 KB
Year 12 Sem 2 2017 Exam Block.pdfYear 12 Sem 2 2017 Exam BlockYear 12 Sem 2 2017 Exam Block46 KB
yr-7-2018-booklist.pdfYear 7 2018 Booklistyr-7-2018-booklist20 KB
Yr 7 Camp Requirements.pdfYear 7 Camp RequirementsYr 7 Camp Requirements251 KB
dshs-year7.pdfYear 7 Flyerdshs-year7391 KB
yr-7-handbook-2018.pdfYear 7 Handbook 2018yr-7-handbook-2018300 KB
yr-8-2018-booklist.pdfYear 8 2018 Booklistyr-8-2018-booklist21 KB
year-8-and-9-subject-handbook-2018.pdfYear 8 and 9 Subject Handbook 2018year-8-and-9-subject-handbook-201882 KB
year-8-subject-selection-form-2018.pdfYear 8 subject selection form 2018year-8-subject-selection-form-2018128 KB
yr-9-2018-booklist.pdfYear 9 2018 Booklistyr-9-2018-booklist22 KB
yr-9-subject-selection-form-2018.pdfYear 9 subject selection form 2018yr-9-subject-selection-form-2018184 KB
Year 9 Subject Selections 2017 Excerpt.pdfYear 9 Subject Selections 2017 ExcerptYear 9 Subject Selections 2017 Excerpt157 KB
Yr8into9_2017_Parent_Letter.pdfYr8into9_2017_Parent_LetterYr8into9_2017_Parent_Letter2446 KB