​​The Dalby State High School Parents and Citizens association (P&C) is a small group that actively welcomes new members and involvement. We are a group of parents who want to have input into our children’s education and P&C is the mechanism that allows us to do that.

P&C meetings are held at the school on the first Tuesday of each month during school terms at 5.30 pm in the Library.

Involvement in the P&C provides a real opportunity for you to contribute to the development of the school and to hear, directly from the principal, all the great things that are happening at the school.

The P&C also operates the school tuckshop and the retail uniform outlet. The uniform outlet can be contacted on 4669 0953 to arrange for these services.

The P&C is also the parent body responsible for providing the following facilities/opportunities for you and your child –

  • Ten school classrooms fully air-conditioned
  • Resurfacing of the multi-purpose courts
  • Addition of artificial turf to the playground
  • Construction of new drama studio and classroom

A lot can be achieved through P&C and school working together towards common goals. To do this we need people from all walks of life who are committed to delivering great outcomes for your children and our school.

The P&C would like to establish a fundraising plan to help our school where all our children can benefit. However, to do this we would like to establish a volunteer pool of participants to help as required. Depending on future fundraising events, this may only require your assistance once or twice per year. If you would like to contribute your time please complete the P&C Membership Application and return to the school office and return to the school office.

School Representatives Financial Support – P&C

Students who are representatives for school based sport and all cultural activities representing regions are able to apply for $100 towards their associated fees (for example – student makes the Darling Downs Athletics team or participates in CGEN). Students who are selected to represent State for school based sport and cultural activities can apply for $200 towards their associated fees (for example – student makes the Qld Rugby team). If students make an Australian school based sport or cultural activity they can then apply for $300 towards their associated fees (for example – student makes the Australian Swim team).

One application per calendar year per level of representation (Region, State, Australian). Student applications need to be submitted to the P&C preferably before the commencement of the activity or event so that the financial support payment can be made on the student’s behalf (payment made off uniform fees). If the application is submitted at the completion of the activity or event, it must be submitted within 6 weeks with accompanying receipts of payments or list of associated fees. Please apply using the "Application for Financial Assistance" Form and submit it to the P&C either through the school office or by email to

Last reviewed 02 May 2023
Last updated 02 May 2023