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Parent and Community Code of Conduct

​​Dalby State High School welcomes parents and other members of our diverse community into our schools. 

Working together with our school communities, school staff support the learning and wellbeing of every student, and are entitled to a safe work environment. 

Parents and other visitors to our schools support safety by ensuring their communications and conduct at the school and activities is respectful. 

Spark Their Future

The Queensland Government provides an informative website, “Spark Their Future” loaded with helpful tips for parents and carers.

Some of the topics include - 

  • Student engagement and how to support your child’s Education
  • What lights your child up; finding their spark to help them enjoy life and their education
  • How to deal with difficult situations and build resilience
  • Celebrating difference when your child is out of the ordinary
  • Returning to school during COVID-19, transitioning and coping with change
  • How a Guidance Officer can help your child
  • What to expect from your child’s school; how to talk to the school etc

We encourage you to investigate the website and explore the wide range of useful topics at Spark Their Future.

Every Day Counts

School absenteeism and student attendance is a complex issue which includes a range of student behaviours including school refusal and truancy.

Parents and carers can access a range of resources and topics to assist with -

  • Absenteeism and truancy
  • Anxiety about going to school
  • Transitioning to high school

Visit Every Day Counts for more information. If you are having trouble getting your child to attend school, contact the school immediately to schedule a meeting with appropriate school staff that can provide support to you and your student.

​We the Differents

​​​The aim of We The Differents is to change negative attitudes towards school and empower students to confidently face challenges that arise both in and outside of class, as well as providing direction for life beyond school. 

It focuses on self-empowerment and the belief that change happens when youth embrance 'their different' and find a hobby or passion that drives them and provides direction - unlocking doors of opportunity along the way. 

We The Differents is a collective of information, tips, ideas and experiences to help you know what's on offer, find the right support and options for you and make the most of your education. ​

Education Queensland Parent Resources

​Engaging with your child's learning, other resources, useful websites.

Teen Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

The Teen Triple P- Positive Parenting Program​ provides families with children aged between 10 to 16 years, free, expert parenting advice. Learn how to raise confident, capable teens by managing and encouraging behaviour, supporting wellbeing and helping to improve social skills.

​Resources to Promote Respectful Relationships Education​

Respectful relationships education involves teaching students how to respect themselves and others. It’s about treating everyone equally, regardless of gender or any other attributes, and making sure everyone feels included. Parents, carers and high school students can learn more about the role we all play in building healthy, respectful relationships on the RRE hub.​

Family and Child Connect provides free advice

Family and Child Connect provides families free, unlimited and confidential advice. They can connect you to local services that help with: 

  • building better family relationships
  • managing child behaviour
  • healthcare
  • housing.

If you family is going through tough times, call them today at 13 FAMILY (13 32 64) or visit ​​​​





Last reviewed 08 August 2023
Last updated 08 August 2023