Indigenous Education at Dalby State High School


​Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture is recognised and celebrated at Dalby State High School through various activities and celebrations. Also, Indigenous students enrolled at Dalby State High School have access to heaps of support staff to help them achieve their educational outcomes.

Community Education Councillor (CEC)

A Community Education Counsellor is part of the Welfare team at the school and provides educational counselling and support services to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students. This may include individual and group support to students in the areas of personal, academic and social skills and behaviour management. They participate in the development of programs that are likely to enhance the involvement in education of these students and their families. They also develop and undertake support service programs, maintain links with out of school sources of information to assist in the advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and provide information to the school community about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives. A large part of this positon is developing productive partnerships between members of the school community. Our CEC, Joanne Duncan (Aunty Jo) is a wealth of knowledge about all of our Indigenous students. She runs Breakfast Club, has worked at DSHS for many years and knows many of the students and their families. Her email is

Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy

Sarah Dodd works in our school as a Student Support Officer and is employed by the Broncos. Her job is to improve the attendance and completion rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls at DSHS. She helps girls in the program to broaden their career aspirations and appreciate the value of education. She provides in-class support, liaises with school staff and community members to deliver the Beyond the Broncos outcomes. She prepares and delivers workshops, assists individual students, provides health and well-being programs. She has exclusive access to Brisbane Broncos staff, players, facilities and events. Her email is .

Clontarf Foundation- Dalby Academy

James, Wayne and Luke work in our school to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. The programmes are delivered through a network of football academies established in partnership with local schools. James, Luke and Wayne mentor and counsel students on a range of behavioural and lifestyle issues. Academy activities are planned within the focus areas of education, leadership, employment, healthy lifestyles, life skills and football. In order to remain in the programme, participants must continue to work at school and embrace the objectives of the Foundation.

Students are also offered USQ experience days, other university visits, QATSIF scholarships, art workshops and other excellent opportunities to assist them with their educational endeavours.

James Parangatai is the Director of the Dalby Academy and his email is​  .

Celebration and Recognition Days

Dalby State High School celebrates NAIDOC Week, recognises Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day and other important dates that are special to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the wider community. If you wish to speak to any of these support staff, please contact the school.
Danielle Lambert (email  is also available to discuss any of the information on this page.


Last reviewed 03 August 2021
Last updated 03 August 2021